Launching a startup? Why goal setting and planning is paramount in your success.

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We’ve seen it time and again.

A budding entrepreneur walks through our doors with a great idea, fool proof business model, and a hundred ideas on how to execute said idea. Unfortunately, once someone is bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, they become the “idea woman” or “idea man”. It’s like a virus. These new entrepreneurs become idea zombies — pumping out idea after seemingly brilliant idea. It’s great, because being the idea man is what gets the new entrepreneur into this mess in the first place. On the other hand, focus tends to go to the way side, and several weeks, months, and even years of scatter shot ideas take over. It’s like spinning tires in the mud. More often than not, the white flag waves, and the entrepreneur’s dreams are crushed. We don’t like seeing that. We like bringing ideas to fruition. It’s our passion. So, to avoid being caught in the idea struggle, here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Set a goal. Start with 1 goal. Only 1.

Step 2: Create an action plan on how you will accomplish the goal. Don’t multitask the goals. 1 goal.

Step 3: Measure the results of your goal, and modify the plan in step 2 to improve results.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1 – 3 on a new goal. 1 goal. Only 1. Seriously…else the entrepreneur will take over and pull you into the idea abyss.

On a higher level, accomplishing 1 goal allows you to establish a system, or process, by which you alter your entrepreneurial approach. It’s much like eating right, quitting a bad habit, or getting in shape…it’s all a life-altering decision. All of which take time. Develop a system, perfect that system, repeat….then and only then….are you allowed to set multiple goals.

If you are like most budding entrepreneurs bootstrapping their growth with savings or limited investment, living by the “plan for success” mantra will save a lot of headache, time, and money.

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adminLaunching a startup? Why goal setting and planning is paramount in your success.

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