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Gathering Requirements & Goals

The Festival of Bacon was a collaboration between The DPM Firm and Heard Marketing in Orlando. The goal of the event was to conceptualize, market, and produce Orlando’s first bacon-themed festival. The idea was to aggregate 30 food vendors, prepare and distribute up to 5,000 lbs of free bacon, and provide various entertainment for the event goers. During the concept phases, the event requirements and goals were summarized as follows:

  • Date: October 5, 2013
  • Location: Festival Park – Downtown Orlando
  • Time: 11 AM – 7 PM
  • Admission Fee: $35
  • Min Attendance: 2,000
  • 30 Food Vendors
  • Cook 5,000 lbs of free bacon
  • Kid’s zone with bounce-houses
  • Live Music from 5 Regional Artists
  • VIP Area Serving Exotic Bacon
  • Large Tent with seating
  • College Footbal Bigscreen Projector
  • Mechanical Bull
  • DJ at second staging area

Concept Mode

The key to a successful first year event is to bring the crowds. Many times, festivals come and go because of lackluster attendance. To us, our immediate focus was creating professional, unique marketing material and campaigns that would allow the event to spread via grassroots methods. To increase the likelihood of a well attended event, our team outlined the following action points:

  • Determine the event brand (Logo, event poster, and website)
  • Ticketing Protal
  • Compile a list of PR outlets
  • Strategic alliances with local bloggers
  • Strategic alliances with influential social media pages
  • Ticket giveaways via social media contests
  • Pre event teaser event with invited guests
  • Develop a customer support system
  • Establish departments and leaders
  • Outline potential revenue streams
  • Onsite marketing campaigns
  • Leverage relationships for radio & TV exposure

After the action points were defined, strategies were outlined for each. The first step in development was logo and poster development. In our experience, the logo and poster design set the tone for all marketing material. It was important that the event had a country or blues theme, as most of the musical acts were blues or country inspired. After designing several logos and posters, the design that best represented the Festival of Bacon was “Man Pig Playing the Banjo” (yes, we named the poster). Beyond the initial poster and logo design, the brand fell into place nicely. The remaining action items relied heavily on developing systems, organization, and persistence.







With the brand design of the Festival of Bacon, our primary roadblock was the logo and poster design. As more versions were designed, the theme of the event rapidly began to take shape. In many cases of brand development, we seem to reach this magical tipping point where we hone-in on a style. As we determine a brand style, the creative materials can be produced very rapidly.

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Show Some Social Love

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The Results

The response from the Festival of Bacon was nothing short of amazing. The planning and marketing phases of the event ran 3 months. Within this time frame, our team was able to create captivating marketing material that virally spread across the web. The major results are as follows:




The Festival of Bacon was an exciting and eye opening experience for us. Although the future dates are not set in stone, we look forward being apart of the event’s continued to success.

Visit the Festival of Bacon Website


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